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Formally known as The Secret Advantage In Motion, LLC ("TSAIM, LLC"), we are now The Secret Advantage In Marketing, LLC. A small, yet smart change. We feel that the name change makes more sense, and easier to understand what we do right away. We have been providing excellent web services since 2007. 2012 is a new year, and we strive to serve even more individuals as well as companies. Every year the tactics of surviving and winning on the internet change and we have come prepared. Try us out, we guarantee you have not gotten the services we provide, nor the new clients or traffic that will come to you from them.

About me

My name is Tim Hickman and I have been doing Internet Marketing since 2007 but it really took off in 2008 and became full time in 2009. As much as any business wants to make money, I mostly pride myself in my customer relations, and providing the best services at the best prices. I want to get my name out there and be the go to guy. My company name is The Secret Advantage In Motion, LLC and we now have had over 30 employees.


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